Each design is made up of numerous small tiles of all shapes and sizes fired first to create the hard bisque. After the bisque has cooled then the color glaze is hand painted on each small piece some pieces having three or more colors to create the special look for that design. Then once again these tiles are fired at very high temperature to create that special color and deep gloss glaze that makes our designs so eye catching.

Designs start to come to life after each small piece of hand painted tile is adhered to the backer mesh. Tile by tile the mosaic is created. Using mosaic tile inlay designs has become a trend in modern day new construction as well as renovation of older construction.

Dolphins, turtles, sailfish, crabs, lobsters, marlin, reef fish, coral reef scenes just to name a few that we offer. These designs can be used just about every where you want to add something special to the your surroundings. Use your imagination to create your own personal seascape by combining any of our mosaics.

There is no better way to add uniqueness to your pool than a pre-fabricated or custom mosaic.

Our mosaics are proudly displayed in numerous homes and commercial pools throughout South Florida. Our mosaics require no maintenance or special care, and are guaranteed for the life of your pool. They will not fade or peel, and are impervious to normal pool chemicals.

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Dolphin Pool Mosaic Pre-fabricated
Pool Mosaic on Steps


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