Your Newly Restored Pool Care Instructions

Please do not turn off the water until pool is filled.

1. Do not, under any circumstances, walk in the pool until after the water is balanced.

2. Within the first 30 days, no automatic cleaner or vacuum should be used.

3. Premier Pools will take care of the initial chemical start-up. Do not add anything to the pool, a stain preventative has been added to the fresh water at fill-up.
4. Do not start the pump/filter. Premier Pools will do this at the chemical start up.

5. Brushing the pool 2 – 3 times weekly is encouraged to help with the exposing process. Brushing of the walls, steps and bottom is recommended.

6. If your pool has a paper filter cartridge unit, we recommend replacing it with a fresh filter 48 hours after circulation of water after start-up. We believe a new pool should have a fresh filter. If your pool has a D.E. or Sand filter, we recommend backwashing the filter twice weekly for 3 weeks.

7. Within the first 3 weeks the acid content will be less than normal. This is due to the material in the pool. IF you have a current service company, let them know to add BI-CARB after 2 weeks and adjust the PH to a neutral level. If you maintain the pool yourself, get the water tested at a local Pinch-a-Penny outlet and add a minimum amount of calcium. It should be add for 30 days and only if the water analysis reads a low amount.

8. If we applied a Blue Diamond Brite, the pool will notice inconsistencies in the color patter. This is normal as the material is an exposed aggrefate and will become uniform in color after about a period of 90 days.

9. Swimming after the chemical start-up will be ok. We know after you new pool is complete that it will have a smooth and appealing finish, though the acid level will be low, so not opening your eyes for 3 weeks would be advised.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call!

Thank you for choosing Premier Pools
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